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This blog is part of a series of reflections based on Philip Dow’s book Virtuous Minds*

“Those who are fair-minded earnestly want to know the truth and thus are willing to listen in an even handed way to differing opinions, even if they already have strong views on the subject…they attempt to view the issue from the perspective of their opponents, believing they do not always have the most accurate or complete vantage point on a given issue….. they have chosen to put the truth above allegiance to their ego or cherished opinions…..” (p50)

How hard is it to fairly consider and ponder alternative viewpoints? As busy professionals who are time poor and are committed to a growing understanding of Biblical truth, there just isn’t time to investigate alternative ideas. It is so easy just to dismiss ideas that do not align with our carefully thought out understanding. But to dismiss someone’s ideas is to dismiss the person and an opportunity to know and understand them. It may also be a missed opportunity to refine and grow our own ideas.

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